Here are some photo references that I use for drawing.

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15th April 2012

Photoset with 10 notes

In every tumblr, there must be a post of guys in suits. This is mine.

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14th April 2012

Photoset with 1 note

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14th April 2012

Photoset with 5,902 notes

Bazaars. Beautiful, vivid bazaars.

Tagged: lanternsistanbulturkeybazaarmarketobjectslightsartoutdoor marketcolorswarmegyptInteriorsexteriorsplaces


14th April 2012

Photoset with 3 notes

Train stations and subways. I live in a place where these are rare so photos are a great help.

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14th April 2012

Photoset with 11 notes

Forest-y things.

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13th April 2012

Photoset with 18 notes

One can never have too many photos of libraries.

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